St. Vincent – November 2018


Dr. Chad Aarons of Tuckahoe Orthopedics in Richmond, VA lead WPP’s 10th annual orthopedic surgical team focused on the correction of scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. Fellow pediatric orthopedic
surgeon Dr. Ravinder Brar of University of California San Francisco’s Children’s Hospital joined the veteran team this year for the first time. This annual mission serves children from all over the Eastern Caribbean region, where no pediatric orthopedic spine
surgeon exists.

Team from left to right:
Dr. Mike Estes (Anesthesiologist), David Rose (Intrumentation Representative), Tiara Pitt (OR tech), Erin Rose (Neuromonitoring Specialist), Dr. Ravinder Brar (Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon), Dr. Chad Aarons (Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon)

The Week in Numbers:
52 Evaluations

8 Posterior Spinal Fusions


Ksenia Major of Valentine Orthotics in Richmond, VA and Lisa Bebko, VCU pediatric physical therapist, traveled as an added component of the trip to provide comprehensive services. Ksenia made stops
in both St. Vincent and St. Lucia to cast scoliosis patients for spine braces. The braces will prevent worsening of a curve during a patient’s period of substantial growth, often preventing the need for surgery. In addition, Lisa works with patients post-operatively to
get them up and walking again the very next day.


Ruby is a 15-year-old from the island of Barbados. Ruby suffers from idiopathic scoliosis, a curvature of the spine which has no known cause. Ruby initially visited an orthopedic physician in Barbados
when her mother noticed one of shoulders was higher than the other. Her physician diagnosed her with scoliosis and immediately referred her to World Pediatric Project. She attended her first clinic with WPP on her home island in July 2018, where the surgeon
measured her curve at nearly 75 degrees. WPP immediately placed Ruby on the highest priority list for surgery given the severity of her curve and the potential for further progression. Ruby traveled to St. Vincent for corrective spinal fusion surgery with
the very next surgical team in November. After a week in the hospital she returned to Barbados, and soon to school, with her shoulders even and her spine straight.

Ruby’s spine before surgery, and after several weeks of healing.


(Top) Dr. Aarons reassures Ruby and her mother before surgery. (Middle, left) Dr. Brar reviews a patient’s x-rays with two medical students from Trinity Medical School (Middle,
right) Eastern Caribbean Program Director Jackie King shares a playful moment with a patient at clinic. (Bottom, left) Dr. Datta examines a patient on clinic day. (Bottom, right) Dr. Aarons reviews a patient’s x-rays with a family.

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