Haiti is always a re-baptism for me—reason I went into medicine in the first place. Patients blessing you for sharing your gifts and caring. (How often do patients say ‘God Bless You’ as you start your day?) A chance to recharge priorities in my life and giving thanks for all we have.

We had a wonderful ‘family’ of 11 (3 nurses, 2 Pediatric Orthopaedists, 1 adult Orthopaedist, 2 Anesthesiologists, 1 CRNA, and one high school student). Our team is seasoned and have been traveling to Haiti for many years. We were so impressed with new Community Coalition for Haiti (CCH) facility. The 3 new operating rooms are spacious, bright (looking out at the beautiful mountains in the distance), have a great flow with holding/ recovery area for patient care.

We are always so humbled by the staff at CCH for their spirit, energies, and love for those in need in Jacmel and Haiti. To have sustainable care despite the forever ongoing political and physical disasters is amazing. We are so moved by their endless smiles and wanting to be a beacon of hope and a resource for the patients and their families that would have none if CCH was not in Jacmel. We give special thanks to Melissa and Rubinste for coordinating preoperative and postoperative care of all the patients that we touched and for allowing us safe passage. To quote Rubinste—‘there are no tire fires in the air’. (Dye mon gen mon—one mountain after another—Creole for if it is not one thing it is another)

The surgical team did amazing work. At home –we are always asked ‘how many cases did you do?’ Even though we did over 30+ cases—it is the individual person and their family that we touched that truly matters—each and every one—
We have been blessed to work with the Haitian health care workers. Working side by side with the Haitian nurses and physicians. Dr. Francois is doing wonderful work on the medical care side and we worked with Haitian Orthopaedists Dr. Oda and Dr. Jacques (Pediatric Orthopaedist). They provide incredible care with limited resources and continue to teach us. Drs. Oda and Jacques will be coordinating post op care and keeping us informed of the recovery from their surgery.

We are now back home missing the warm weather and rejoined with our families—but our thoughts and prayers are with those in Haiti—the beautiful staff at CCH and the patients and faimilies that have touched our lives.
BON DYE BON (God is Good)
Peace be within us

(Senye, Si n’as viv joid a, malgre siklon, granngo u, ak malady, nou dew di. “Mesi Senye. Nou genle la pou yon
Lord, if we are alive today in spite of hurricanes, hunger, sickness, we should say, “Thank you Lord. We must be here for a purpose.”)

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