My entire life I have always been extremely active. Starting with High School and College Football and upon completion of College, I served as an Airborne Army Ranger and saw combat in Vietnam.  Even after becoming an Associate Professor of Economics at Christopher Newport University I have continued to compete in athletic events such as the Senior Olympics and Weight Training events.

During the early periods of my life I had a few minor sports related injuries.  It was at this time that I had the very good fortune of finding Dr. William Beach.  Dr. Beach always approached these minor injuries conservatively.  This approach was always successful because of the discipline and dedication by myself and Dr. Beach to my rehab.

Unfortunately in the summer of 2002, while on a research grant from Christopher Newport University, my wife and I were struck by a tractor trailer on Interstate 295 near Richmond.  As a result of this accident I developed chronic bilateral shoulder and bilateral knee pain.  I immediately sought advice and treatment from Dr. Beach.  Once again, he designed a conservative physical therapy treatment regimen both with Tuckahoe Physical Therapy in Richmond and Tidewater Physical Therapy in Newport News, Virginia.  This got me well enough to complete all research on my grant and publish my work in a major Economic Journal.

I knew eventually that I would have to have both bilateral shoulder and knee surgery.  These surgeries were performed by Dr. Beach and his care is exemplary.  He is clearly a very skilled surgeon and a dedicated physician to his patients’ care.

Because of Dr. Beach I was able to return to all of my previous physical activities until this past summer when I was struck with extreme pain on the right side of my back.  There was also pain running down my right leg.  I immediately contacted Dr. Beach for a consultation.  At that time he informed me about a colleague of his, Dr. Jed Vanichkachorn.  He explained to me that Dr. “Van” specializes in spine ailments.  I immediately made an appointment with him for an assessment.

His diagnosis was a slipped disc in the lumbar area, as well as stenosis.  He suggested a conservative therapeutic approach as well as a series of steroid injections.  Unfortunately, none of these led to a lasting success.  Dr. “Van”, I must say, showed extreme compassion and support for me during this process.  In July 2013 I had a hemi laminectomy on L-3 and L-4.  Dr. “Van” and his staff have been extremely competent and dedicated during my surgery and recovery period.  I am again back to an active lifestyle, which is so important me.

These two doctors have made the quality of my life so much better.  Their level of dedication to their patients and their skill are a credit that is worthy of the highest possible compliment.  I feel so fortunate that I have been under their care throughout my life.

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