Throughout my entire life I was always active and healthy and worked out on a regular basis doing spinning, yoga, step classes and weight lifting.  I lived so much at the gym that I was encouraged by members to become a personal trainer when my children entered school.  The gym became my second home so I was devastated when I injured myself in a water skiing accident and couldn’t do all the activities that I previously loved to do.

I was shocked when I was told by my doctors that I had very little cartilage left in my hip and that I would need a total hip replacement.  I was only 47 at the time and felt that I was too young for surgery, so I sought more conservative treatments.  I began to limit the type and amount of exercise I would do, took pain medicines, went to physical therapy and received cortisone injections.  Each time these non-surgical methods would work in the short run, but then my pain would return.

My friends told me about the anterior approach technique for hip replacement.  They raved about how well they did following their hip replacement surgery and how quickly they recovered.  The orthopaedic surgeon that I was seeing at the time did not do this technique, so I began to research it on my own.  That is when I found Dr. Dobzyniak.  He encouraged me to try all conservative measures first and when I was ready to schedule surgery to give him a call.

As the pain in my hip and groin grew my options became less.  After five plus years of suffering, the only form of exercise that I could do was the stationary bike with light resistance.  Also, by now the pain was gravitating down to my knee and ankle.  Trying to attend a football game or go shopping was a major task.  Most of the time the pain was so sharp that I would have to lean on the grocery cart or hang on to the back of my husband for support.

My wakeup call came when we went to visit our daughter who was studying abroad.  Each day I would be excited to see the many beautiful, historic sites of Italy, but by mid-day my mobility was limited.  People much older than me were passing me by while I sat on the sidelines.

Upon returning from our trip, I immediately called Dr. Dobzyniak to schedule hip replacement surgery.   As I write my story, it has been exactly three weeks from my surgery date.  I am up and walking unassisted and have resumed most activities. If I had known how painless and quick the recovery was, I would have done this procedure years ago. I have my life back and the opportunity to live without pain. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Dobzyniak.

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