“He runs as if nothing happened.” Trequan is extremely active young boy and already an accomplished football player. You would never know that he was born with an ACL deficiency. Thanks to Dr. Chad Aarons, Trequan underwent ACL reconstruction surgery and is now as active as he wants to be!



“I am living my life again.” A lifetime of back pain left Diana desperately searching for help and not finding any, until she was introduced to Dr. Simpson. After her spinal fusion, she’s enjoying her life without pain.



“I can ride my bike again.” Wendy is now a very active biker, riding 5-6 times a week, 8-10 miles a day. You’d never know that just one year before, she could barely even walk. Thanks to Dr. Vanichkachorn and the Tuckahoe team, Wendy is back to enjoying her life and her summers at the beach.